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What is the process for adopting a Messana control system in your home?

  1. Preliminary discussion with our engineering team to define the scope of work.
  2. We draft an initial offer.
  3. You sign the offer and accept the terms of sale.
  4. 20% Non-refundable deposit. View payment methods.
  5. Define project details (working with your mechanical engineer and/or mechanical contractor).
  6. You complete a general project information form that we provide. This provides us with your target installation dates and installers.
  7. We create a control layout and zoning layout for system wiring (rough electrical).
  8. We ship the mSense installation kits for the rough electrical. Why do the sensors ship later?
  9. We coordinate with your mechanical contractor/engineer to define a mechanical layout that contains a list of all the equipment to be controlled.
  10. We revise the offer depending on the final system design.
  11. You complete installation and programming forms that we provide. We also need an as installed mechanical room schematic, which is prepared by you, that lists all the mechanical equipment (mfg # and model #). These forms must be completed and returned to us before we can begin programming the controls.
  12. When Messana receives the completed forms, we will program the controls within three weeks.
  13. Payment in full (including shipping cost).
  14. We ship the controls. They arrive completely pre-programmed and labeled with proper addresses and installation locations.
  15. Your mechanical contractor installs the controls and connects the wires according to the included wiring diagrams (one for each box) that we provide.
  16. We provide access to the Messana App (download from the apple store or google play) where you can view and manage your entire control system.
  17. If you opt for our start-up service, we assist your mechanical contractor remotely (or sometimes in person) in starting up and commissioning the control system.
  18. For an annual fee, Messana offers mConnect, an optional VIP monitoring service to ensure your system functions properly and optimally all year round.
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