Information regarding Messana products.


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Information regarding Messana hydronic accessories.


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Information regarding the Messana App.


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Messana’s proprietary control systems for managing complex hydronic cooling and heating systems.


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Messana’s proprietary radiant ceiling/wall interconnecting panels for both cooling and heating.

Air Units

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Messana’s proprietary Air Treatment Units (ATUs), Dehumidifiers, Humidifiers, Heat Recovery Ventilations (HRVs), and Fan Coils.

What are the measurements of the Messana controls boxes?

Messana control devices come in three different enclosure sizes: small, medium, and large. The sizes and the corresponding devices are...

What is the Messana Controls BLACK SERIES?

The BLACK SERIES refers to our simple one-box solution for controlling hydronic systems with up to 5 zones (mBox5) or...

What is the Messana Controls WHITE SERIES?

The WHITE SERIES refers to our modular control platform that can be customized to manage the most complex hydronic HVAC...

What tubing is used in Ray Magic radiant ceiling panels?

When it comes to the design of our Ray Magic panels, specifically the NK, G, and Q series, a vital...

What is the difference between Auto Mode and Manual Mode with Adaptive Comfort?

With Messana Controls, the HVAC system can operate in two main modes: Auto and Manual. The operating mode can be...

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