Information to provide support to homeowners and professionals regarding a Messana system.

Wiring Diagrams

Wiring diagrams include all of the necessary wiring schematics to complete the controls installation. The schematics provide detailed instructions on...

Messana’s role after installation

Messana is simply a manufacturer of components. Messana relies on installers to relay information about system issues, we tend to...

Is it necessary to connect the mSense and zone valve (thermal actuator) for the same zone to the same mZone module?

No, it is not necessary. Each zone’s mSense and zone valve (or thermal actuator) can be mapped to different devices....

How can I manage my system without an internet connection, or if my mBox isn’t connected to the local home network?

In the event that your home network loses internet connectivity, remote access to your system (from outside your home network)...

My mBox controller is not powering on, even though there is power in the house. What should I do?

The mBox has a power socket with an ON/OFF switch located at the bottom right. Make sure the switch is...

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