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Messana’s role after installation

Messana is simply a manufacturer of components. Messana relies on installers to relay information about system issues, we tend to not maintain direct contact with homeowners.


The installer of your system will be your point of contact for any issues you may have related to the functionality of your system, i.e. no hot water, heat pump issues, circulation pump malfunctions, or air unit issues.


For any issues related to the Messana app, however,  we will be your support point of contact.


We also offer a VIP service that many clients have opted to utilize. This service is called mConnect and is recommended for more complex systems.


The Messana app has many settings that may be customized to allow the user to achieve an optimal comfort level within their home. Since it is generally challenging to find the perfect balance between comfort and efficiency, mConnect is a great option to assist you in finding that point. For a new system, we invest a significant amount of time with our mConnect customers to analyze the performance of their system and understand how best to meet their needs.

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