Basic questions and answers about radiant cooling and heating systems and their components and what Messana can provide.

I’ve heard of radiant heating but how does radiant cooling work?

Radiant cooling has actually been around for quite some time and works the same way as radiant heating, but in...

How can you heat from the ceiling? Doesn’t heat rise?

When considering the question of heating from the ceiling, it’s essential to acknowledge the fundamental principle that hot air is...

Is radiant cooling and heating more energy efficient than a traditional forced air system?

Yes, a radiant system is more efficient than a traditional forced air system.   Tests have shown that they are...

Why should I choose radiant cooling and heating over a traditional forced air system?

There are a variety of reasons to go with a radiant system over a forced air system. Radiant systems provide...

Is radiant cooling expensive? How much would it cost for my house?

A radiant cooling and heating system from Messana is going to be more expensive than a traditional forced air system....

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