Messana’s proprietary radiant ceiling/wall interconnecting panels for both cooling and heating.

How does a radiant ceiling work and what are its benefits?

A radiant ceiling system is a type of radiant heating and cooling system that is installed within the ceiling of...

What is Radiant Heating?

Understanding “Radiant Heat” Radiant heat is the transfer of thermal energy through electromagnetic waves, which is one of the three...

What is Radiant Cooling?

Radiant Cooling: The modern approach to keeping cool In today’s ever-evolving world of technology and comfort, radiant cooling stands out...

What furring channel type is preferred? Wood or metal?

Most of the time, we see wooden structures use wood (usually residential), and concrete/metal structures use metal (usually commercial). Wood...

What tubing is used in Ray Magic radiant ceiling panels?

When it comes to the design of our Ray Magic panels, specifically the NK, G, and Q series, a vital...

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