Air Units

Messana’s proprietary Air Treatment Units (ATUs), Dehumidifiers, Humidifiers, Heat Recovery Ventilations (HRVs), and Fan Coils.

How to connect the mBox to a Messana Air Treatment Unit (ATU)

Connecting mBox to the ATU The Messana ATU communicates with the mBox controller (mBox, mBox Maxi, mBox5, and mBox10) via...

Can I use the Messana modular manifold for fan coils?

Yes, certainty! The Messana modular manifold has a size of 1 1/4″, allowing for a higher flow rate of up...

What is the fan coil activation delay and where can you find it in the Messana App?

The fan coil activation delay refers to the feature that delays the fan activation until certain temperature conditions are met....

Air Unit Dirty Filter Alarm

If a system has a Dirty Filter alarm on, it may be time to clean or replace the Air Unit...

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