How to operate your Messana system.

Messana App Getting Started

To download the Messana App Getting Started Guide, please follow the link located at the bottom of this page. Simply click...

How can I manage my Messana system?

You can manage your Messana system (even remotely) through the mobile or web app. Here’s what you need to do:...

Can I paint mSense room comfort sensors?

Yes, you can paint mSense room comfort sensors using the procedure below: You must remove mSense from the wall before...

How to connect the mBox to a SpacePak Solstice Inverter Monobloc (SIM) air-to-water heat pump?

There are two methods to control a SpacePak Solstice Inverter Monobloc (SIM) heat pump, 1. Digital Output and/or 2. Modbus....

How to connect to your Messana Control system (mBox) using Bluetooth

Bluetooth connectivity offers a reliable backup for accessing and managing your Messana system when a Ethernet connection or Wi-Fi options...

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