Radiant Panels

Ray Magic®

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Naked Series

Ray Magic® NK

High performance hydronic radiant ceiling panel.

Ray Magic NK
Ray Magic CL/SL

Gypsum Series

Ray Magic® CL/SL

High performance hydronic gypsum radiant ceiling panel, no drywall coverage required.

Metal Series

Ray Magic® QM

High performance metal radiant panel for suspended ceiling systems.

Ray Magic QM
Ray Magic QG

Gypsum Series

Ray Magic® QG

High performance 2x2 hydronic radiant panel for suspended ceiling grid systems.


Modular Manifold

1 1⁄4" modular manifold designed specifically for hydronic heating and cooling systems (2-12 loops)

Modular Manifold
Hydronic Accessories


Hydronic accessories

Accessories designed specifically for hydronic heating and cooling systems.

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What is Radiant Cooling?

Radiant cooling is an energy-efficient cooling technology that, unlike traditional forced-air systems that cool the air, employs chilled radiant surfaces like ceilings or floors to directly absorb the heat radiated by objects and people within a space. Radiant cooling creates a comfortable, even distribution of coolness, without the need for visible and noisy equipment.

What is a Radiant Ceiling?

A radiant ceiling is a type of heating and cooling hydronic terminal that uses the large unobstructed surface area of the ceiling to transfer thermal energy to or from the objects in a room through thermal radiation. Radiant ceilings can be used as a standalone terminal or in conjunction with other heating and cooling systems to provide an energy-efficient and effective indoor climate solution.