Gypsum Series

Ray Magic® QG

Ray Magic® Quad Gypsum (QG) are 24″x24″ high-performance radiant ceiling tiles for commercial suspended ceiling grid systems.

It provides heating and cooling via a unique hydronic solution of high-end aesthetic, thermal and acoustic comfort,
and energy savings.


Ray Magic® Quad Gypsum panels are available with hydronic serpentine (active) or without radiant activation (blank).


Panels are available with different surface finishings including the Certanteed Gyptone perforated acoustical tiles.

Ray Magic QG

Technical specifications

Table Header
Ray Magic Quad Gypsum 24″x24″
Part number
Quick installation
High heating and cooling performance
Sound absorption (with Gyptone perforated tiles only)
Different tiles available with different perforation pattern (with Gyptone perforated tiles only)
Durable, decorative and easy-to-maintain surface
Competitive price compared to wood and metal ceiling tiles
Suspension system
Ceiling grid 2′x2′
Edge profiles
Trim Edge (CertainTeed 15/16”), Narrow Reveal (CertainTeed 9/16")

Size and weight

Ray Magic QG sizes

Nominal size

W24" [610 mm]
L24" [610 mm]
H112" [38 mm]


Wet weight (with H2O): 8.5 lbs [3.8 kg]
Dry weight: 8 lbs [3.6 kg]

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Color and finishing
CertainTeed high density 1 12" gypsum board with AirRenew® technology
Ray Magic QG anatomy

Sealing aluminum tape

Rockwool insulation

Perforation pattern
(only with perforated Gyptone tiles)

Aluminum transfer plate

Acoustic fleece (before the pipe)

516 (8 mm) PE-Xc connection

10 mm (38") Gyptone tile

Table Header
System type
Hydronic serpentine with 516" (8 mm) PE-Xc 3-layer piper with EVOH oxygen barrier
Panel connection
Up to 6 panels can be connected in series (suggested at least 3 panels)
Heat exchanger
Aluminum plates omega-shaped to wrap around the pipe to increase thermal exchange surface
0.016 inch [0.4mm], 27 gauge
Thermal conductivity:
0.21 W/mK (1/2″ gypsum board)
Radiant pipe:
8 mm [≈ 516"] PEX 3-layer pipe with EVOH oxygen barrier
Radiant serpentine:
3 38" o.c. [100 mm], 3" max cut-out allowed
Radiant Area
Gross radiant area:
4 sq.ft. (total panel surface)
Net radiant area:
2.55 sq.ft. (total active surface)
Net radiant percentage:
Fluid operating temperature
46 °F to 130 °F
Cooling capacity
Max 36 Btu/h/sq.ft @46 °F, Typ 23 Btu/h/sq.ft @55 °F with 76 °F room temperature
Heating output
Max 59 Btu/h/sq.ft @130 °F, Typ 28 Btu/h/sq.ft @100 °F with 70 °F room temperature
Nominal flow rate
0.05 GPM (0.2 l)
Pressure drop
0.036 psi (10 inch of w.c.) @0.0275 gpm / 50 °F per panel
Operating pressure
20 to 40 psi (air pressure test at 100 psi)
Water content
0.46 gal [1.75 lt], equivalent to approximately 4 lb [1.8 Kg] of water
1 12" EPS board ASTM E84 (Class A rated)
Size, weights and technical characteristics may vary without prior notice

Ray Magic®, comfort from above...

The way nature intended.​

What is Radiant Cooling?

Radiant cooling is an energy-efficient cooling technology that, unlike traditional forced-air systems that cool the air, employs chilled radiant surfaces like ceilings or floors to directly absorb the heat radiated by objects and people within a space. Radiant cooling creates a comfortable, even distribution of coolness, without the need for visible and noisy equipment.

What is a Radiant Ceiling?

A radiant ceiling is a type of heating and cooling hydronic terminal that uses the large unobstructed surface area of the ceiling to transfer thermal energy to or from the objects in a room through thermal radiation. Radiant ceilings can be used as a standalone terminal or in conjunction with other heating and cooling systems to provide an energy-efficient and effective indoor climate solution.