Ray Magic® NK Ceiling Panels: Turning Radiant Heating and Cooling Upside Down

Venture Beyond Conventional Floor-Based Solutions — Elevate Your Comfort Experience with Radiant Ceilings

Unleash the hidden potential of Your Ceilings!

Explore a world of possibilities with Ray Magic® NK Radiant Ceiling Panels.

At Messana, we firmly believe that a radiant ceiling is more than just a ceiling — it’s a canvas offering extensive possibilities in design and functionality. Our Ray Magic® NK ceiling panels are concealed behind the drywall, providing a uniform level of radiant heating and cooling that’s entirely unseen. Consequently, this not only ensures a visually appealing space but also delivers an impressive uniform comfort level that will impress your guests.

Furthermore, Radiant heating and cooling increase your well-being, offer substantial energy savings, and reduce your carbon footprint — contributing to a healthier and more sustainable living environment.

The Evolution of Messana's Radiant Ceiling Panel Solution

Shaping the Future of Radiant Cooling and Heating Technology: Three Decades of Innovation and Design.

Over the course of nearly three decades, Messana Hydronic Technologies has tirelessly pioneered the development of radiant ceiling panels. Through continual innovation, we’ve streamlined installation processes, incorporating progressively efficient technologies, and optimizing designs. These advancements have not only simplified construction but also spearheaded the evolution of ceiling radiant cooling and heating technology.

Planterm radiant ceiling panel



Firstly: Marking a significant milestone, Messana introduced the first modular ceiling panel, crafted from a routed gypsum board with embedded piping externally connected to headers.

US Patent 6883590B1
Self-supporting, Modular, Prefabricated Radiant Panel
Ray Magic Old radiant ceiling panel


Ray Magic®

Subsequently: Industrialized using sandwich technology, combines an EPS substrate, aluminum heat transfer plates, and embedded PEX-Al-PEX headers for superior performance.

US Patent 9285126B2
Modular, Prefabricated Radiant Panel with Integrated Headers

Ray Magic CL radiant ceiling panel


Ray Magic® Classic (CL)

Following: Introduced patented quick-coupling connection for faster installation and integration of PE-RT headers. Enhanced omega-shaped design for tighter heat transfer connections.

US Patent 10113678B2
Quick-coupling Sliding Joints

Ray Magic NK radiant ceiling panels 2x8 and 2x4


Ray Magic® Naked (NK)

Finally: Improved design flexibility by widening pipe spacing, expanding the active area, and eliminating the gypsum layer that is installed onsite, ideal for lighter installations.

US Patent 10113678B2
Quick-coupling Sliding Joints

Elevate Your Investment: Choose the Ceiling

Install the Ray Magic® NK High-Performance Radiant Ceiling Panels.

Ray Magic® NK panels are high-performance, hydronic radiant panels designed for ceiling installation. They can be covered with regular drywall, or wood, or other ceiling materials, creating an unobstructed radiant surface.

Each panel consists of a 1½” thick EPS board and aluminum heat transfer plates with proprietary omega-shaped channels. Within these channels, two symmetrical radiant tubing serpentine are connected in parallel to the return and supply leaders that run along the length of each individual panel.

Lastly, the panels can be interconnected using patented push-in fitting technology, allowing for internal pipe expansion and contraction.

Simple installation

Specifically, the Ray Magic® NK panels are designed for effortless ceiling mounting.

Lightweight: Ensures easy handling for quick installation.

Pre-assembled and Tested: Embedded piping and fittings reduce installation time and ensure product reliability.

Easy Connection: Push-in fitting technology for quick and safe panel coupling.

Reduced Ceiling Coverage: Requires minimal coverage and easily integrates with ceiling fixtures.

Self-Balancing Design: Simplifies layout and eliminates need for manifold flow balancing.

Radiant Heat from above

Think it’s Impossible? Our Radiant Ceiling System warms from Top to Bottom — Even Your Floors!

But doesn’t heat rise?


"But doesn’t heat rise?" No!

In contrast to popular belief, heat itself doesn’t rise — it moves from warmer objects to cooler ones. Interestingly, what does rise is hot air. Much like the Sun, a radiant ceiling can effectively radiate thermal energy downward.

If you are considering a radiant heating system, choosing a radiant ceiling is an efficient and advantageous alternative. Notably, it not only provides more evenly distributed heat, but also lowers energy costs by improving the Coefficient of Performance (COP) of the heat pump (HP) by requiring lower water temperatures.

Moreover, unlike a radiant floor, a radiant ceiling doesn’t stir up air and dust, leading to a healthier indoor environment.

Feel the Difference:
Radiant Cooling, the Silent Cool

Ray Magic® NK Ceiling Panels: A healthier alternative to traditional AC.

Unlike conventional AC that cools the air, radiant cooling directly targets objects and occupants, thereby avoiding the circulation of airborne contaminants. It operates silently and, additionally, when running throughout the night, consistently guarantees a restful night’s sleep.

But how does it work?

But how does it work?

The radiant system leverages a fundamental principle of thermodynamics:

Heat naturally flows from warm to cold.

“heat naturally flows from warm to cold”.

By circulating cold water within the ceiling panels, it not only efficiently draws heat from the room, but also creates a comfortable, cool space. This subsequently fosters healthier indoor air quality.

Relax in comfort with our secure Push-in Fitting.

Patented 3-Way Push-in Fitting for unmatched security and longevity.

Firstly, Secure Hold: Uses a stopping wedge and retaining ring to convert internal pressure into a secure grip.

Secondly, Sliding Joint: Our patented technology accommodates thermal expansion of PERT pipes.

Thirdly, Exceptional Seal: Equipped with an EPDM triple o-ring for a 100% fluid-tight, leak-free seal.

Lastly, Panel Insertion: The funnel-shaped collar simplifies the process of joining two panels.

Therefore, invest in peace of mind. With our secure and efficient plumbing, enjoy restful nights.

Modular Manifold Designed for Radiant Cooling

Efficiently distribute Radiant Comfort throughout Your Home.

Modular Design: For easy assembly from 2 to 12 loops as needed.

Integrated Insulation: For radiant cooling applications.

Versatile Installation: Suitable for both radiant ceiling and radiant floor.

High-flow Loops: 1¼” size for up to 2 GPM per loop.

Large Ceiling Area: Up to 10 Ray Magic NK 2×8 panels per loop.

Enhanced Control: Perfectly pairs with the Messana mZone modules.

Modular manifold

What is Radiant Cooling?

Radiant cooling is an energy-efficient cooling technology that, unlike traditional forced-air systems that cool the air, employs chilled radiant surfaces like ceilings or floors to directly absorb the heat radiated by objects and people within a space. Radiant cooling creates a comfortable, even distribution of coolness, without the need for visible and noisy equipment.

What is a Radiant Ceiling?

A radiant ceiling is a type of heating and cooling hydronic terminal that uses the large unobstructed surface area of the ceiling to transfer thermal energy to or from the objects in a room through thermal radiation. Radiant ceilings can be used as a standalone terminal or in conjunction with other heating and cooling systems to provide an energy-efficient and effective indoor climate solution.