Key Terms

Key terms and definitions regarding hydronic systems.

What is Radiant Heating?

Understanding “Radiant Heat” Radiant heat is the transfer of thermal energy through electromagnetic waves, which is one of the three...

What is Radiant Cooling?

Radiant Cooling: The modern approach to keeping cool In today’s ever-evolving world of technology and comfort, radiant cooling stands out...

What is a Hydronic Terminal?

Hydronic terminals are a vital component of any hydronic heating and cooling system. Hydronic systems utilize an energy source, such...

What is the Adaptive Comfort function?

The Adaptive Comfort is a feature that allows the conditioning system to switch temporarily between heating and cooling modes based...

What is a SHGC and why is it important?

SHGC stands for Solar Heat Gain Coefficient. It is a measurement used to describe the amount of solar heat that can...

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