Information regarding the Messana App.

Messana App Getting Started

To download the Messana App Getting Started Guide, please follow the link located at the bottom of this page. Simply click...

What is the Adaptive Comfort function?

The Adaptive Comfort is a feature that allows the conditioning system to switch temporarily between heating and cooling modes based...

What are the minimum system requirements to use the Messana App?

The Messana App requires Apple iOS/iPadOS version 10 or later and Android version 8 or later. Desktop computers must have...

How can I manage my Messana system?

You can manage your Messana system (even remotely) through the mobile or web app. Here’s what you need to do:...

What is the difference between Auto Mode and Manual Mode with Adaptive Comfort?

With Messana Controls, the HVAC system can operate in two main modes: Auto and Manual. The operating mode can be...

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