Information regarding the Messana App.

How can I manage my system without an internet connection, or if my mBox isn’t connected to the local home network?

In the event that your home network loses internet connectivity, remote access to your system (from outside your home network)...

0-10V fan speed modulation for hydronic fan coils

Messana’s 0-10V fan speed modulation system dynamically adjusts the speed of hydronic fan coils based on the difference between the...

Can I change the unit measure from °C to °F in the Messana App?

The Messana App can display either °C or °F. The measurement unit is selected during the project design phase and...

Does Messana Controls manage window contacts?

Yes! Messana Controls features a “window open logic” mechanism to optimize energy usage in a hydronic HVAC system when windows...

Is it possible to grant access to the Messana system to a guest without having a user account?

Yes, it is possible to grant access to a Messana system without a user account by utilizing Guest Mode in...

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