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How to troubleshoot the mBox Ethernet connection.

The mBox has a WAN port (RJ45 jack) located on the bottom side, the first Ethernet port on the left. This WAN port enables the mBox to connect to your home network via an Ethernet cable that is plugged directly into the home router, or occasionally to an Ethernet switch.


If the mBox isn’t connecting to your local home network, there are several steps you can take to troubleshoot the issue:

  1. Check the home router connection.
    Locate the Ethernet cable coming from the mBox that’s plugged into your home router and ensure it’s inserted properly. If a spare port is available, consider plugging it into a different one.
  2. Check the mBox WAN Ethernet connection.
    Ensure the Ethernet cable is securely plugged in the WAN port. If necessary, examine the RJ45 plug for any potential issues. Please note, the WAN RJ45 jack does not have an LED to indicate whether the connection has been made correctly. To verify, proceed to the next step.
  3. Check the miniPC WAN Ethernet connection.
    Remove the mBox cover by unscrewing the four cross-headed screws and locate the miniPC. a black box with aluminum cooling fins.

    This miniPC has two Ethernet ports. The port on the left, nearest to the power cable, connects to your home network via a patch cable to the mBox’s WAN Ethernet port. Confirm the Ethernet patch cable is securely plugged in on both sides.

    On the left port of the miniPC, you should see a solid green light on the right and a blinking yellow light on the left, which signifies data communication. If the light is not blinking, data communication is not occurring.

  4. Bypass the Ethernet patch.
    To rule out any issues with the patch cable, try connecting the Ethernet cable from your home router, currently connected to the mBox’s WAN port, directly to the miniPC’s WAN port. If the LEDs starts blinking, the connection has been restored. Replace the patch cable in this case.
  5. Check the Ethernet cable.
    If the LEDs continue to remain off or exhibits different behavior than expected, it is necessary to check the Ethernet cable. If you do not possess the specific expertise, please consult with your trusted installer.

    If the LEDs remain off or exhibit unexpected behavior, it’s necessary to examine the Ethernet cable. If you lack specific expertise, consult with your trusted installer or an AV specialist.
  6. Try connecting to the mBox via Bluetooth.
    You can manage your system using the Messana App on your smartphone via Bluetooth Low-Energy (BLE) connectivity. Follow the instruction on this article: ”How to connect to your mBox using Bluetooth”
  7.  Open a Support Case.
    If the problem persists after following these steps, please open a support case.

    Be sure to document the results of each step performed for reference when communicating with the support team.
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