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What is the Messana Controls WHITE SERIES?

The WHITE SERIES refers to our modular control platform that can be customized to manage the most complex hydronic HVAC systems.


The WHITE SERIES provides an advanced multi-box solution. Each system requires a main controller (mBox or mBox Maxi, depending on system complexity) along with various zoning modules (mZone8, mZone12, mZone4J, and mZone6J) to incorporate as many zones as needed.


The mBox is typically installed in the mechanical room to control all the mechanical equipment (heat pump, boiler, circulator pumps, mixing valves, etc.), while the mZone modules are installed in different areas of the home, typically close to the manifolds or heating and cooling changeover/pump stations. The room comfort sensors (mSense) of each zone served by an mZone are connected to that mZone in a daisy chain configuration.


Each mZone is connected in a local area network with an Ethernet cable to the mBox. This modular structure allows for a more capillary wiring, ensuring comprehensive coverage even in the largest homes.


The WHITE SERIES requires our design and setup services. Our experienced team will work closely with the installer to understand and meet the specific requirements of each installation. We provide a comprehensive service where the WHITE SERIES is delivered fully programmed, accompanied by detailed wiring diagrams and control layouts.


On the other hand, the BLACK SERIES offers a more user-friendly approach. Its controls are designed for simpler applications and can be programmed and set up by the client themselves.

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