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What is the Messana Controls BLACK SERIES?

The BLACK SERIES refers to our simple one-box solution for controlling hydronic systems with up to 5 zones (mBox5) or 10 zones (mBox10). Typically, the controller is installed in the mechanical room, serving as both the main controller and zoning module.


The BLACK SERIES requires wiring connection from the mBox5/10 to the thermal actuators on the manifold(s) or zoning valves, and to all the mSense room sensors in a daisy chain configuration.


While the BLACK SERIES is limited in the number of zones (maximum 10), it still provides a valuable solution for hydronic systems that include different radiant terminals, such as radiant floors, ceilings, and/or fan coils.


To simplify system setup and provide installers with complete freedom and flexibility in programming the controller, the mBox5 and mBox10 come with an interactive configuration wizard. This tool is fully integrated with the Messana App, allowing contractors to configure the controller in just a few steps. Once the configuration is complete, a wiring table is generated, listing every connection to the mBox for quick and easy installation. The configuration tool can also be used to make changes to the system after setup.


Please note that the configuration wizard is currently in a beta version and not yet released. In the meantime, Messana will provide setup and programming assistance.


The BLACK SERIES integrates with the full version of the Messana App, providing access to all features without any limitations.


For more advanced systems with more than 10 zones, we recommend checking out our modular control platform, the WHITE SERIES.

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