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Why it is important to properly fill and purge the Ray Magic radiant ceiling panels?

Filling and purging a close-loop hydronic system is an essential process to remove air and ensure proper water circulation within the system. This ensures your Messana Ray Magic ceiling panels are working properly.


This should only be done after the pressure test (see the link How to properly pressure test the Messana Ray Magic panels) is completed and any possible leaks have been fixed.


A typical filling of a hydronic closed-loop system is done using a mixture of water and Glycol, (explained in the link about Why is Glycol recommended in a Hydronic system?) in various percentages.

Purging hydronic systems is important for several reasons:

System Efficiency: Air bubbles in the hydronic system act as insulators, reducing the system’s overall efficiency.

Noisy operation: As air bubbles move through the system, they may pass through heating elements causing popping or clicking noises.

Maintaining Proper Pressure: Adequate water pressure is crucial for a hydronic system to function correctly. Air pockets reduce the water volume in the system, leading to lower pressure levels.

Comfort and Performance: Air pockets can cause cold spots in the heating distribution, leading to discomfort for occupants and inefficient heating.

  1. When installing radiant ceiling panels vertically or at an incline on a vaulted ceiling, we strongly recommend connecting the supply and return lines to the top of the panels to prevent the formation of air pockets that are challenging to remove.
  2. Placing the manifold with air vent in the attic at the highest point can also aid in purging air from the system.
In summary, filling and purging a hydronic system is a critical maintenance task that helps ensure optimal performance, energy efficiency, and longevity of the system. It also contributes to the comfort and well-being of building occupants by providing consistent and reliable heating throughout the space. Regular maintenance, including proper filling and purging, should be part of any hydronic system care routine.

For all their systems, Messana recommends using a professional Caleffi Fill and Flush Cart NA255 and the Axiom System Feeder with a mix of glycol.

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