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How to connect two Ray Magic NK panels together?

To join two Ray Magic NK panels, follow these steps:

  1. Insert two RM couplings into the 3-way fittings on the joint side of the first panel and ensure the couplings are fully inserted.
  2. Secure the first panel to the ceiling.
  3. Position the second panel, aligning the 3-way fittings with the two RM couplings.
  4. Push the second panel into the first panel, use channel locks to fully join them if needed.
  5. Secure the second panel to the ceiling.

2x4 panels

To join a 2x4 panel with a 2x8 panel, follow the same procedure. However, install the 2x4 panel first at the beginning of the branch on the 2-way fitting side. Then join the 2x8 panel on the 3-way fitting side.

Last panel in the branch

When the panel is the last one in a branch, cap the end side with RM caps before joining.


Each panel comes with two RM couplings and two RM caps inserted in the pockets located on the edges.

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