Vaulted Radiant Ceiling in Napa, California!

Vaulted ceiling Ray Magic®NK radiant ceiling panel install for hydronic radiant cooling and radiant heating.
Messana radiant ceiling panels providing hydronic heating and cooling.

More project progress photos from Warm Corp West!

This 24-zone, 7,000 sqft home in Napa, California, will utilize two air-to-water heat pumps to generate heated and chilled water for hydronic heating and cooling.

The system will use Messana Controls to manage radiant ceiling cooling and heating and a Messana Air Treatment Unit for dehumidification and mechanical ventilation!

Warm Corp West Messana Ray Magic® NK Radiant Ceiling Panels installation in Napa Valley, California.
Radiant ceiling panels installed in between metal furring channels. Ray Magic® NK radiant ceiling panels provide hydronic heating and cooling.

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