Radiant Cooling vs Air Conditioning

Radiant cooling is cheaper to install, operate than conventional A/C.

Infosys Pocharam Campus. Half air conditioning, half radiant cooling.

This is an interesting article that compares Radiant Cooling vs Air Conditioning in a commercial building in India.

“As it turns out, the radiant side cost a little bit less to install that the conventional HVAC side. Better yet, after a year in operation, the radiant side is using 33% less energy.”

The building is owned by Infosys Ltd., an Indian IT company, in Hyderabad. The 24,000-square meter — 258,000-sq.ft. — building is split into identical halves, each comparably loaded. One half is conditioned with efficient air conditioning, designed to beat ASHRAE 90.1 standards by 30%, the other half is conditioned with radiant cooling. The building has been in operation for a year, so results can be measured.

Read the full article here


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