Exterior of San Rafael project that uses Aermec fan coils and Messana Ray Magic® NK radiant ceiling panels for heating and cooling.
Mechanical room in San Rafael Project that supports cooling and heating via a radiant ceiling and fan coils.

We’re excited to share these photos from our recent 6,500 sqft project in San Rafael, CA!

This 24-zone hydronic system was installed by the team over at Warm Corp West! It utilizes three SpacePak air-to-water heat pumps to provide hydronic heating and cooling via our Ray Magic® NK radiant ceiling panels (H/C) and Aermec fan coils (H/C).

To provide radiant cooling in addition to radiant heating, Messana Controls and mSense room comfort sensors monitor operative temperature, relative humidity, and VOC levels within the environment. With this data, Messana Controls can calculate the environment’s dew point temperature and ensure the radiant surface never falls below that point to avoid condensation. Alternatively, Messana Controls can activate forms of dehumidification to lower the dew point, allowing the system to use cooler water, increasing cooling output.

Even when there are no dedicated dehumidification units, Messana Controls will intelligently employ hydronic fan coils in cooling at a low fan speed to provide dehumidification when necessary.

Key components of this system include:
  • SpacePak heat pumps
  • Wilo pumps
  • Aermec fan coils
  • Belimo mixing and diverting valves
  • Webstone valves
  • Watts Water expansion tank
  • Axiom system feeder

Installer: Warm Corp West

Mechanical room for hydronic heating and cooling.
Messana Controls mBox used to manage a complex hydronic system.
Messana mZone managing a hydronic manifold for heating and cooling.
Hydronic manifold for radiant cooling and heating.
SpacePak air-to-water heat pump for hydronic heating and cooling.
SpacePak air-to-water heat pump for hydronic heatin and cooling.

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