Radiant cooling for a kitchen using Messana radiant ceiling panels for cooling.
Radiant cooling via a radiant ceiling in living room.

Check out these thermal photos from our latest project in San Rafael, CA!

This home’s hydronic system uses three SpacePak air-to-water heat pumps to provide heating and cooling via Ray Magic® NK radiant ceiling panels (H/C) and Aermec fan coils (H/C).

Key components of this system include:
  • SpacePak heat pumps
  • Wilo pumps
  • Aermec fan coils
  • Belimo mixing and diverting valves
  • Webstone valves
  • Watts Water expansion tank
  • Axiom system feeder


Warm Corp West

Heating and cooling via a radiant ceiling.
Hydronic radiant ceiling cooling using cold water.
Radiant cooling via Messana Ray Magic® NK radiant ceiling panels.
Radiant cooling for a bedroom using Messana Ray Magic® NK radiant ceiling panels.
Hydronic radiant ceiling in bathroom.

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