This is the first house in the state of Nebraska featuring a radiant cooling system!

This is the first house in the state of Nebraska featuring a radiant cooling system!
The radiant system is embedded in both the ceiling (Ray Magic panels) and partially in the floor. The house is equipped with a complete Messana air treatment system for ventilation (HRV), dehumidification and humidification (with a Nortec Steam EL005 unit). To support the radiant system during the hot summer days, an Aermec fan coil and a ClimateMaster TE26 (water to water heatpump) were installed. Messana controls also integrates with a split system (Envision Compact NB-H-012) installed in the Master Bedroom. All of this brought seamlessly together within the Messana App for easy user control!
The hydronic system is powered by three SpacePak SIM060 inverter heat pumps with 3 Magna3 Grundfos recirculation pumps, while Belimo 3-way valves are used to control the water temperature in the hydronic system.

📍Located in Lincoln, NE

The project team includes: Burr Oak Lodge (Property managing company), Biggerstaff Plumbing Heating & Air (mechanical contractor)

SpacePak SystemAermecCondairGrundfos Belimo

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  • Would love to see video walkthrough of complex systems like these. I’m particularly curious to see installs in hot, humid southeast. These installs are exciting to see and for me to learn about. Thx.

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