Mayo Mechanical Ray Magic® NK Radiant Ceiling Install!

Ray Magic® NK radiant ceiling installation.
The Mayo Mechanical team installing a hydronic radiant ceiling for heating and cooling.
Ray Magic® NK Radiant Ceiling Panel installed in Laguna Beach, CA, home.

Ray Magic® NK radiant ceiling install by Mayo Mechanical in Laguna Beach, CA! 

This home will utilize a radiant ceiling, radiant floor (electric and hydronic), and hydronic fan coils, all managed with Messana Controls!

Two HTP boilers provide hot water for heating – one serves a high-temperature radiant floor system, while the other serves a low-temperature radiant ceiling system. 

A Samsung chiller supplies chilled water for the radiant ceiling and hydronic fan coils for cooling. Moreover, a Samsung heat pump provides chilled water for cooling in the AV equipment room. 

Key components of this hydronic system include:
  • HTP boilers
  • Samsung heat pump and chiller
  • The Unico System fan coils
  • Taco pumps
  • Belimo mixing and diverting valves
  • Axiom system feeder
  • Boiler Buddy buffer tanks
Mechanical Engineer: Monterey Energy Group
Installer: Mayo Mechanical

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