Retrofit Radiant Floor vs Radiant Ceiling

A few weeks back we explained the benefits that a radiant ceiling has over a radiant floor, such as:

– a lower thermal mass which lowers the heating and cooling delivery time. A faster response time also allows Messana mControls to modulate the panel’s operative temperature to stay just above the dew point to provide more cooling.
– the ability to provide even thermal comfort without being obstructed by furniture.
– the ability to use higher water temperatures for heating, and cooler water for cooling, making the system more responsive and effective.

But how do radiant floors and radiant ceilings compare when it comes to retrofit installs in existing buildings?

Although our Ray Magic® radiant ceiling panels are typically installed in new constructions (while a structure is in construction), it is still possible to retrofit our panels in an existing structure; and it is generally easier than retrofitting a radiant floor!

Retrofitting a radiant floor tends to require more work as the floor would need to be cleared, and stairs and door frames would most likely need to be adjusted. This is avoided with a radiant ceiling system as it is generally easier to drop a ceiling by a few inches rather than lift a floor.

In commercial buildings, clients can even use our Ray Magic® QM or QG panels that were designed for suspended ceiling systems to avoid dropping the entire ceiling!

Would you ever consider installing our Ray Magic® radiant ceiling panels in your home or office?[vc_single_image image=”23915″ img_size=”large” alignment=”center”]

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