Ray Magic NK Radiant Ceiling Panels Installed In Los Altos, California!

Last week we visited a project in Los Altos, California, to review the radiant ceiling installation before our panels are covered with drywall!

This home will utilize a Tesla Solar Roof to power three 5-ton SpacePak SIM-060 air-to-water heat pumps that will generate hot and cold water for the hydronic system. This home will use our Ray Magic® ceiling panels to provide radiant cooling and heating and two Jaga Briza 22 hydronic fan coils for dehumidification and supplementary cooling! 🔥❄️

Messana mControls will manage the entire hydronic system. We hope to be able to share mechanical room photos soon! 📸

Fan Coils: Jaga
ERV: Panasonic
Heat Pumps: SpacePak
Solar Roof: Tesla Motors
Installer: Hydronica Inc.

Hydronica Los Altos Install
Hydronica Los Altos Install
Hydronica Los Altos Install

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