A sustainable school needs to be sustainably cooled! (and heated!)

The Falk School of Sustainability and Environment at Chatham University had its original Ray Magic® radiant system installed back in 2013; but we just took a trip out to Pittsburgh, PA, to upgrade the controls to our latest mControls platform!

The radiant system is located in the South Orchard Hall building that houses students attending the Falk School. The system uses a multi-stack geothermal heat pump to provide radiant cooling and heating with Messana Ray Magic® ceiling panels. This building, along with multiple others on campus, is LEED Platinum certified!

As one of the earliest of its kind in the country, the Falk School of Sustainability and Environment at Chatham University is a wellspring for leadership and education to overcome current and future sustainability challenges.

We are thrilled to see our system being used in an environment that fosters ideas that will help to create a more sustainable future!

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