The mBox is a powerful control unit specifically designed for hydronic HVACR systems including radiant cooling and heating (ceiling panels & floors), fan coils, and air treatment units (dehumidifiers, humidifiers, HRVs). Additionality, our mBox integrates with any third-party VRF or VRV system, combining hydronic and refrigerant into a unique control solution.

As the main unit of the climate control system, the mBox regulates the home energy flow by activating energy sources (Heat pumps, chillers and boilers) and circulator pumps, modulating the radiant fluid flow through 3-way mixing valves and controlling the zone terminals with mZone modules. It features a unique technology to efficiently control the Domestic Hot Water (DHW).

The mBox fully integrates with the Messana web and mobile app (iOS and Android) providing a unique climate control platform (mControls) developed with more than 20 years of experience in radiant cooling and heating technology.

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