Award Winning Home in New Canaan, CT!

Now, this is a home we’re proud of! This 100% radiant single-family home in New Canaan, Connecticut, won TWO Home Building Industry Awards! One for “Best in Town Custom Home” and another for “Best New Construction Technology!”

The 5,800 sqft home put our Ray Magic® radiant cooling and heating ceiling panels to the test in Connecticut’s extreme temperature ranges!

Since this home is 100% radiant and has no means of supplementary cooling, the system needed to be able to meet cooling loads in summer while avoiding condensation.

To prevent condensation, one of our mSense room comfort sensors was placed in each of this home’s 21 rooms! With our mSense room comfort sensors monitoring relative humidity and operative temperature, the Messana mControls platform can continuously modulate the temperature of our panels to stay above the dew point temperature to avoid condensation. A Messana air treatment unit was also installed to provide neutral temperature dehumidification and mechanical ventilation to lower the dew point temperature in the home, allowing our panels to use colder water temperatures, increasing the cooling capacity of our panels!

If you’d like to read more about this home, it has its own article in BUILDER magazine! Read more here!

Builder: Construction Management Group
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