Jaga Briza 12 fan coils (slim profile) used to retrofit this home in Santa Monica CA.
With a near silent low voltage EC motor, Briza fan coils deliver quick and efficient heating and cooling.

Messana has developed a line of fan coil controllers on a DIN bar specifically for Jaga. There are two different zoning modules: mZone4 Jaga and mZone6 Jaga. They feature a 240W or 480W 110/220VAC 50/60Hz power supply. Each module can serve up to 4 or 6 zones with mSense sensors on a bus, 0-10V AO to control the fan speed, along with 24VDC output to power the fan motor and activate the zone valves. All of this done with a a single control module!

📍Location: Santa Monica, CA

by Edward Kline (Messana certified installer) @jaganorthamerica @jagaclimatedesigners

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