FAQ Friday: Radiant Cooling

Happy FAQ Friday!

Today’s frequently asked question is:

“What is radiant cooling, and how does it work?” 🤔

Radiant cooling is a technology used to cool buildings based on heat extraction via cold surfaces. The HVAC industry refers to this technology as “radiant cooling,” but scientifically speaking, you can’t radiate cooling since heat always travels to cooler surfaces. Technically speaking, this is still thermal radiation, but it is the reverse of what most people think of when they hear the word “radiant.” With a radiant cooling system, occupants feel cooler because the thermal energy of their body is being transferred to the cool water flowing within our panels.

As the cool water heats up, it is pumped out of our panels and is replaced with more cold water. This continues as needed to cool the space.

Radiant cooling is like walking into a cave on a warm day. The cave walls are colder than your body temperature. Therefore, you begin to radiate thermal energy to the cave walls and, as the cave absorbs your thermal energy, you feel cooler. ❄

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