FAQ Friday: Condensation

Happy FAQ Friday!

Today’s frequently asked question is:

“Won’t the Ray Magic® panels create condensation when used for cooling?”

No! Not when using our advanced control system which uses mSense wall sensors to continually monitor the operative temperature and the dew point temperature of each zone.

Condensation will only form on a surface if the surface’s temperature drops below the dew point. By monitoring the dew point temperature throughout a building, our controls can adjust the water temperature within the panels so that the surface of the panels stays above the dew point.

“Would a dehumidifier be necessary?”

No, our control system will prevent condensation by keeping the water temperature higher than the dew point. If a dehumidification unit is incorporated, it can remove moisture from the building to lower the dew point. This would allow the control system to use lower water temperatures and increase the cooling capacity of the radiant panels.

Also, the dehumidifier reduces the latent heat, resulting in a room that will feel cooler to the occupants!

Got a question? Drop it down below, and you may see it in next week’s FAQ Friday post![/vc_column_text]


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