Complex Hydronic System In Atherton Home

We recently got to revisit this 9,300 sq/ft home in Atherton, CA to check on the progress of their system installation!

This home’s four-pipe hydronic system uses 249 of our Ray Magic® NK radiant ceiling panels to provide radiant cooling while a radiant floor provides heating. To supplement the radiant system, 25 Jaga hydronic fan coils were strategically placed throughout the home to provide second-stage cooling on the hottest days of the year!

Additionally, this home uses four of our Air Treatment Units to provide neutral temperature mechanical ventilation and dehumidification! By performing mechanical ventilation and dehumidification in a temperature-neutral way, we can ensure that our system delivers fresh, clean air without disrupting the comfort of the occupants.

Every aspect of this hydronic system is managed via Messana mControls which brings all of the hydronic components under the same umbrella with our easy-to-use web and mobile app (iOS and Android)!

Other key components of this hydronic system include:

Size: 9,300 sq/ft
Location: Atherton, CA
Zones: 28

Complex Hydronic System In Atherton Home
Complex Hydronic System In Atherton Home

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