Thermal Thursday: How does a set point work?

Happy #ThermalThursday everyone! Check out this photo of some of our Ray Magic® radiant ceiling panels in heating in a New Jersey home!

Speaking of heating, we recently had a customer ask why their system wasn’t calling for heating even though their operative temperature was below their set point temperature. So, we wanted to take this chance to explain how our system works in regard to set points.

For a system to call for heating or cooling, the temperature would have to drop below or rise above the hysteresis band [set point +/- 0.4°F] depending on the operative mode (heating or cooling). The hysteresis band is also known as the “comfort zone” which prevents the hydronic system from cycling on and off and wasting energy.

The default value for the temperature difference is 0.4°F. So, if you are in heating and your set point is set to 72°F, your system will not call for heating until the temperature drops below 71.6°F. Likewise, if you have a 65°F set point in cooling, the system will not call for cooling until the operative temperature rises above 65.4°F.

Let us know if you have any questions about how our products can regulate temperature, humidity, and indoor air quality![vc_single_image image=”23850″ img_size=”large” alignment=”center”]

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