Ranch Home Radiant Floor Cooling in Bradley, CA!

Exterior of ranch home in Bradley, CA that utilizes radiant floor cooling and heating.
Exterior of ranch home in Bradley, CA that relies on hydronic heating and cooling.
Exterior of ranch home in Bradley, CA that utilizes Messana Controls for radiant floor cooling and heating.

We’re thrilled to share these photos from our latest project in Bradley, CA!

This project features two ranch homes, each equipped with two LG Multi V5 heat pumps and Hydro Kits. The Multi V5s serve as the outdoor units that send a closed loop of refrigerant to the Hydro Kits, which then transfer their thermal energy to water for hydronic heating/cooling and domestic hot water production.

The hydronic system is intelligently managed through Messana Controls and mSense room comfort sensors to facilitate radiant floor cooling and heating.

Key components of this hydronic system include:
  • LG Hydro Kits
  • LG Multi V 5 Heat Pumps
  • Lochinvar boilers
  • Lochinvar buffer tanks
  • Grundfos pumps
  • Axiom system feeders
  • Webstone valves
  • Belimo valves
If you’d like to see the mechanical rooms from this project, check out our last post!
Living room in Bradley, CA, ranch home.
Radiant floor heating thermal image in ranch home.
Kitchen in ranch house that uses hydronic heating and cooling via Messana Controls.
Living room in ranch home that uses a heated/chilled floor for heating and cooling.
Bedroom in ranch house that has a radiant floor.
Bathroom that has a hydronic radiant floor for cooling and heating
LG Multi V 5 heat pump for a hydronic radiant cooling and heating system.

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