How It’s Made: Ray Magic Gypsum Radiant Ceiling Panels

This footage came from our factory in Azzano Decimo, Italy, where the same two production employees assemble all of our radiant ceiling panels! Our Gypsum panels are more common throughout Europe, whereas our Ray Magic® NK panels (no drywall installed) are more popular throughout the United States!

The process begins by assembling a 4×8 EPS foam board. Then, we install the PEX piping “backbones” and the aluminum heat transfer plates. Next, we press PERT piping into the serpentine channel and connect it to our patented three-way fittings. Finally, we pressure test each panel for quality control!

Then it’s time to add gypsum! We laser engrave the gypsum board so installers can “see” the serpentine layout. Then finally, the gypsum is glued to the rest of the panel to complete a Ray Magic® Gypsum radiant ceiling panel!

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