Messana Thermal Wellbeing: more than just comfort

Messana Radiant cooling and thermal wellbeing

Not only for its thermal aspects, but also acoustical, visual and indoor air quality: all key factors that contribute to the Messana Thermal Wellbeing TM.

In fact, the Messana radiant system is silent, invisible and improves the air quality of your home.

Messana Thermal Wellbeing TM= Thermal Comfort + Well-Being

Some of the advantages of a Messana Radiant Cooling and Heating System:

It is Invisible
The system is completely concealed. This means no interference with furniture or decorating schemes

It is Silent
There are no air blowers

It is Uniform
Gentle, even temperature from floor to ceiling

It is Efficient
A radiant cooling and heating system is much more efficient than any air-based systems

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